What All That Howl Is For [Kinktober, Monster Edition – WEREWOLF]

They ended up making out in the back of Rav’s car, the rave pulsing with rainbow lights on the other side of the cornfield. Rav was already transformed, sideburns and beard morphed into mane around his face, his ears slitted to dark tips that Lucas wanted to touch.

Instead Rav shoved his pants down, half-off already with the influx of fur. His meaty cock slapped his thigh, knot already swollen at the base.

“Looks good, doesn’t it, puppy?” Rav asked, his pawed fingers working the nape of Lucas’s neck.

Lucas nodded, reaching for the werewolf’s cock as he rocked forward on his knees. His head scraped the car’s roof before Rav pulled him down, and Lucas kissed him carefully to avoid nicking his tongue on the sharpened fangs.

“Bet you suck a good cock with that mouth,” Rav murmured.

“Mhm,” Lucas said with a soft laugh.

“Then show me.”

Their bodies shifted in the cramped backseat, Rav leaning against a door with one knee bent against the seat back. Lucas settled between Rav’s open legs until his stomach was comfortably pressed against the leather upholstery. He gripped Rav’s cock and traced a vein with his thumb. He pressed his face into the side of the base, nuzzling the budding knot before he pressed his lips to it.

Rav shifted, the leather of his jacket creaking. Lucas cupped his balls, kissing up the length of Rav’s cock until he reached the stung-red tip. He met Rav’s gold-speckled gaze before he took the tip into his mouth.

Rav ground his teeth, his pupils engorged from lust and whatever had dissolved on his tongue hours ago. “That’s it, puppy. Take all the time you need.” His fingers brushed Lucas’s now pointed ears, rubbing the silky edges with his thumb. “We’ve got all night.”

Lucas’s cock stirred from the attention to his transformed ears, a tingle crackling down his spine to wrap around his core. He dragged his tongue up the underside of Rav’s dick, letting it flutter beneath the crown before he sunk down. His lips stopped short of the knot before he pulled back, a test as to how far he could go before he choked.

“Don’t push yourself too hard,” Rav said in a gravelly coo.

Lucas smirked with every intention of doing that exact thing. He bore down again, Rav’s cock sinking into the wet flesh of his throat. Lucas’s muscles constricted, but his gag reflex was seasoned—he knew how to drop his jaw just-so, bowing out the space in his throat so he could breathe.

“Goddamn,” Rav panted.

Lucas would have grinned triumphantly if he could. Instead he pushed further, lips cresting the knot’s curve without engulfing. Just a little more and he could take it all. He eased off, leaving saliva in his wake as he gave his jaw a rest and pumped Rav with his hand. The fingers of his other hand curled around Rav’s sac, thumbing the knot as a promise of intent.

Once his mouth had rested, Lucas made another pass, Rav’s cock disappearing one centimeter at a time between his lips. Again, he brushed the knot, still far out of reach to fit entirely his mouth. His cheeks and throat were sore, and moisture had collected at the corners of his eyes.

Rav’s fingers twisted in his hair, and Lucas released tension from his shoulders.

“Just a little more, puppy,” Rav urged him. “I know you can take it.”

Lucas’s throat was raw, his eyes gushing with tears, but he pulled air through his nostrils before he finally eased his lips over the hump of the knot.

Rav’s head bumped against the window with a groan. “Fuck, that’s it. Good boy.”

Lucas didn’t want to move even if he could—this was no longer giving head so much as keeping Rav’s cock submerged in the warmth of his mouth.

“Look at you,” Rav whispered, and Lucas’s eyes craned to make contact. Rav caressed Lucas’s cheek before his fingers trailed down his bulging throat, gently inspecting. “Fuck,” Rav said approvingly. “I lucked out with you, didn’t I, puppy?”

Then Rav snatched Lucas by the front of his hair and lifted his head off his cock. Rav’s other hand closed around his dick as he jerked himself. Lucas closed his eyes just as Rav growled and came on his face in hot, sticky spurts.