The Guest [Monstrous May 10: Mermaids]

After his night shift at the aquarium, Arlo stops by the fish market on his way home. The fishmongers know him by name now, even if they still give him shit for coming by early for scraps. He lies and tells them he’s making stock, and they just laugh and dump out their unsellables into a Styrofoam cooler.

Lugging the cooler up three flights of stairs, coupled with the exhaustion of coming off a long night, makes for a rough climb. But when Arlo calls out that he’s home and eventually pushes open the door of his bathroom, the fanged grin awaiting him renews his spirit.

The creature is always pleased to see him; especially so when Arlo returns from the fish market. They perk up in the half-full bathtub, making clicking noises and little growls as their upturned fins twitch in excitement.

He places the bucket on the closed commode, well within the creature’s reach, and sits on the vanity sink. He tells the creature about his shift while they suck bones and fish heads clean, spitting the leftovers into an empty bucket. When they finish, they give a sated huff and recline in the tub, their thick charcoal tail draped over the rim.

Arlo gets up to carry the leftovers to the freezer, but the creature reaches out, their claws lightly grazing his forearm.

“Still hungry?” Arlo asks. They shake their head, but a movement catches Arlo’s attention. He follows the curve of the creature’s body to find their hand wrapped around their pale pink cock.

Oh.” Arlo blushes so hard his face feels numb, almost dropping the bucket before he sets it down. He meets their eyes again. “You… want me to help with that?”

The creature nods, letting out a sound like a purr.

They’ve been trapped in the bathtub for weeks now, ever since Arlo smuggled them out of the aquarium. Arlo thinks it has to be lonely, even though the creature seems equally pleased to be in Arlo’s company as he is alone. The aquarium may not have been ideal but at least they had room to move around. He hasn’t thought far enough ahead to figure out what he’s going to do—and he doesn’t want anything to happen to them.

But this is something he can do; something he’s been curious about since the first night he met them and they pulled him into the tank. And with no way to hatch a plan with the creature—either to figure out where they came from or where they want to go—it’s the least he can do.

Arlo pulls his shirt off, then his pants and underwear, and before he can give himself the chance to change his mind he climbs into the bath. This tub is pretty big, but—ah!

Lukewarm water sloshes over the sides as the creature tugs him down, their skin rough and hot against Arlo’s chest. Arlo grimaces at the mess on the floor he’ll have to clean up, but the creature distracts him with two heavy palms on his lower back and a large, toothy smile.

Their first encounter at the aquarium had seemed like a one-time thing, but Arlo couldn’t stop visiting them on the observation deck around their tank. The creature seemed content to listen to him talk or play music on his phone. Arlo was used to keeping quiet for fear of irritating people—part of the reason he preferred the night shift—but it was nice that someone wanted to listen, even if they couldn’t really talk back.

“I wonder if I could learn your language someday,” Arlo says, stretching his arms alongside the creature’s neck. The creature trills, dipping their forehead to press against Arlo’s. “It’s nice you can understand me, at least,” he says with a small smile. “And I can sort of understand you.” He shifts his hips, the creature’s cock nudging the back of his thigh. “Not like we need words for this, huh?”

The creature’s grin turns lascivious, their smooth palms curling around Arlo’s ass. He lets out a weak whine, slipping lower so their cock presses between his cheeks.

“This is okay?” he asks gently. “I won’t hurt you?”

They make a little sound like a scoff as they roll their body up. Arlo gasps when the tip of their cock catches on his hole. The creature makes a solemn little click and cocks their head.

“Alright, alright,” Arlo says. “Just give me a minute…” He glances around, looking for something within reach to use as lube, but he freezes when the creature presses a pre-slickened finger to his hole. “Oh. That’s convenient.”

The creature chirps as Arlo grabs both sides of the tub, poking his ass out to make up for the fact that he can’t easily spread his legs. The creature is careful with him, wary of their claws as they prod him, but Arlo decides it won’t do. He gently nudges their fingers out of the way before sliding two of his own inside. The creature watches him with curious, hungry eyes as he works himself open.

“Shit, okay,” Arlo mumbles when he’s satisfied, dragging his fingers out before he reaches for the creature’s cock. “I’ll—I have to go slow, so just—bear with me.” He gives them a quick smile before he presses the tip against his hole and slowly sinks down. The creature tilts their head back and growls, gripping Arlo’s ass as he eases their cock inside. Arlo lifts up, settles, inching it in as the creature grunts along with his progress. “Almost,” he mutters, his head throbbing as much as his own cock.

They both moan once he’s seated. The creature cups his hips, his waist, gills flapping along his torso beneath the bathwater. Arlo slides his hands along the tub edge, leaning back as he rolls his hips once. Twice.

The creature bares their sharp teeth in another growl, water sloshing violently against porcelain as Arlo pumps his arms, gasping when he hits the angle just right. “Ahh—feels good,” he mumbles.

The creature hadn’t taken long their first time—and Arlo hopes for another quick resolution for the sake of his arms. He’s panting, already losing steam when the creature places a flat hand on his stomach. The sound they make is softer, water heaving with them as they sit upright. They slide a hand under Arlo’s ass and wrap the other around his cock. They make that purring noise again, making Arlo blush and rock his hips into their webbed hand.

He tries to ride them again but the creature’s other hand keeps him still, their cock twitching in his hole as they watch him with alert, slitted pupils. Arlo peeks over his shoulder, a shiver running up his neck as their cock shifts inside him again, more prominent, more intentional. He whips his head around with his eyes narrowed in amused suspicion.

“You keep surprising me,” he says with a short laugh, releasing the tub edge to caress the creature’s arm. They give another click-growl, accompanied by a slow blink before their eyes drop to Arlo’s cock. “Keep doing that.” Arlo squeezes his eyes shut, clenching around the creature’s cock as his breaths shorten. “Fuck—fuck—”

The creature lets out a low wail, gills churning bathwater as their cock swells inside him. Arlo’s eyes water at the sudden pressure, his balls drawing tight. He tilts his head toward the ceiling as his orgasm builds. “Ahh—shit—” He comes hard over the creature’s hand, nails scraping enamel as his whole body throbs.

Their cock slips out as Arlo tumbles forward, sprawling across the creature’s chest. He’s already tired from work and lugging home the cooler and now he’s not sure if he can climb out of the tub and make it to his bed—especially when the creature folds their arms across his back, their chest rumbling in content elation.

Eventually Alro rearranges himself, peering up into the creature’s calm face. His throat feels thick meeting their eyes. “I promise I’ll figure something out,” he whispers, cupping the side of the creature’s face with his hand. They lean into his touch, eyes slipping closed as they give another pleased sound.