Teeth Are Where Your Heart Was

Lucas’s eyes pop open to find the world around him swaying and rocking, watery without weight, his stomach clenching violently. He doesn’t feel ill, just light—graceful even, as if gravity had loosened its grip; as if his feet might lift from the trampled, grassy ground beneath.

He doesn’t know the first fucking thing about dancing and thankfully it doesn’t seem to matter. The bass makes his gums itch, bones throbbing beneath his skin. Rav hadn’t oversold the visuals, either—neon warps the air overhead into a haze, pulsing along with the music like an oscilloscope.

And Rav—Rav looks like some kind of cosmic being assembled from Lucas’s subconscious, his dark hair flaking out of the loose tail he’d pulled it into; the slick hug of his leather jacket, the tight black shirt underneath, slim jeans tucked into lace-up boots. Everyone had greeted Rav like a god when they’d arrived and now Lucas understands why.

Bodies bump against them from all sides; hands graze Lucas’s shoulder blades, followed by light caresses up his spine, but it’s Rav’s hands that drop anchor at his hips, holding him close as he runs his hot tongue up Lucas’s neck. 

Dancing has nothing to do with the way Rav cups his ass, slotting their bodies together as he sucks on the skin behind Lucas’s ear. Whatever he’s murmuring about is lost to the noise, but Lucas shivers regardless, clutching needily onto the back of Rav’s shirt.

The song changes, tempo consistent with a different beat. Rav pulls away, spins Lucas around, and drags him backward until he can feel Rav’s cock against his back. Rav’s mouth finds his ear again, licking the shell as his fingers wriggle under Lucas’s shirt.

Lucas welcomes it, head lolling against Rav’s shoulder as the button of his tight jeans is freed; his moan is silent compared to the music as Rav peels back his fly and slips a hand inside his briefs.

Sound explodes in color across Lucas’s vision as Rav spreads the lips of his pussy and teases his cock, moaning in Lucas’s ear as if he’s the one being touched. Lucas throws both arms back, wringing Rav’s neck to keep himself steady, rocking on the balls of his feet to keep himself upright. Rav’s fingers nock perfectly around his cock and Lucas rolls his hips into each stroke, all his cries drowned out by thundering bass.

They might as well be in the field alone; Lucas forgets about anyone who might be watching, though he doubts they’re the only ones taking advantage of the situation.

Suddenly he hears Rav’s voice, hot breath spilling into his ear. “Come for me, puppy.”

Normally, Lucas couldn’t—not that fast, not with an audience—but the drugs do their fucking job, pleasure boiling over in his lower half like pressure forcing its way through a cracked dam. He doesn’t hear himself scream but his mouth wrenches open, his throat vibrating with sound—until Rav clamps a hand over his mouth, soothing him with gentle sounds in his ear as he continues grinding his cock against Lucas’s lower back.

Eventually Rav removes his hand and zips Lucas back up. Lucas drops his arms from Rav’s neck, both of them drenched in sweat.

“Fuck, I need a minute,” Rav says, except his voice is cheery; damn near giggly.

“You want to sit down?” Lucas says tightly, still clenching his teeth to ease the somersaults in his stomach.

“Yeah,” Rav says. “Not here, though. Got some water in my car.”

Lucas tucks himself under Rav’s open arm, palm pressed to Rav’s shoulder blade as they make their way across the field. His vision warps from the shift in light, the field inhaling and exhaling as they walk.

“Do you remember what your car looks like?” Lucas asks, unable to tell much difference between SUVs and sedans as they approach the gravel lot, all of them lined up like identical, shadowy tombstones.

“I’m not like, geeking out or anything,” Rav says, his voice rumbling through his chest against Lucas’s cheek. “Just thirsty as hell.”

It doesn’t really answer Lucas’s question, yet after they cross the field Rav leads them straight to his car, releasing Lucas to pop the trunk and dig out two bottles of water. 

As fun as the dancing, the loud music, and practically fucking with clothes on had been, sitting down sounds like the best goddamn idea in the world. Lucas thinks about stretching out on the grass, his muscles aching for it when Rav waves a bottle of water at him. 

“Come on,” he says, the darkness rippling around his face when he speaks. “Let’s just chill out for a minute.” 

Instead of sitting in the front, he crawls into the backseat of his car. Lucas follows, his jeans sliding against the humid upholstery. Rav tears off the cap of each bottle, passing one to Lucas before he takes hurried gulps of his own. He sighs in between each pull until he drains half the bottle. 

Lucas’s own bottle feels warmer than the inside of the car between his palms, and he squints at the tiny pool of water lapping at the open mouth of the bottle. 

“Drink some,” Rav says, swiping at his chin as he nods at Lucas’s hands.

Thirsty doesn’t describe how Lucas feels—his stomach feels like a fresh canvas stretched over a frame and his shirt heavy and damp from sweat. But he takes careful sips anyway, replaying the night up to that point—Rav driving him out to the middle of bumfuck nowhere to meet all his friends, off-grid and free to transform at will away from city limits. Some of them had already been half-shifted by the time they’d arrived, and a question had been burning in Lucas’s mind right before some girl had wandered up to them, called Rav “Ravi,” and passed them tiny squares of paper wrapped in tinfoil.

“Tell me how the half-shifting works,” Lucas says as he turns in Rav’s direction. “I want to do it.”

Rav repositions, crossing his stout legs as he turns sideways on the bench seat. “It’s different for everybody. Can’t show you any more than I can show you the thoughts in my head.”

“So one day it’ll just… happen,” Lucas says. “And until then there’s nothing I can do to speed it along.”

Rav clicks his tongue, dropping a leg into the floorboards as he curls his fingers, beckoning. “Come over here, puppy.”

“Don’t call me that,” Lucas says, giggling when Rav reaches out and pulls him into his lap.

Rav rubs up and down Lucas’s back with his paw-like hands, then tips his head up and says, “You want to see me do it?”

Lucas searches Rav’s round face, tripping over his dark eyes. “It’s safe, right?”

After a brief pause of consideration, Rav tilts his head. “I wouldn’t put you in danger,” he says.

“Then show me.”

Rav grunts softly, and after that it takes seconds for hair to sprout along his jaw, sideburns forming a full beard that merges with his hair like a regal mane. His ears elongate into dark, furry slits that Lucas resists reaching out to touch. Rav’s nose and mouth melt into a repressed snout, his brown eyes shimmering as if sprinkled with gold dust. He even feels sturdier beneath Lucas, thick hair tufting beneath his t-shirt like he’s been stuffed with straw.

“Shit,” Lucas whispers. The drugs must be numbing his reaction because it should be terrifying—he hasn’t seen anyone go through the change in third person—but he feels nothing but intrigue.

“Looks good, yeah?” And fuck, Rav’s voice is deep now, a growling croon as he runs his fingers through Lucas’s hair and says, “Don’t worry. I’ll show you everything you’ve been missing out on.”

Hunger and thirst may have been dampened by whatever was coursing through Lucas’s system, but arousal was the exception, resurrected from their earlier interaction. Lucas places one hand on Rav’s neck, squeezing as he leans forward to kiss him.

Rav hums in his throat, tilts his head to bare his neck as he slides his hands down Lucas’s back. He cups his ass, dragging him firmly against his chest. It makes Lucas want to take, to devour. Or to be taken, to be devoured. 

“I want you,” he whispers in between heavy kisses, his teeth tugging at Rav’s lip in insistence.

“Yeah?” Rav kisses him again. “How d’you want me?”

Lucas shoves a hand between them, rubbing his knuckles against the bulge in Rav’s pants. “This,” he says, then kisses Rav with a quick thrust of his tongue. “And that.”

Rav’s chuckle dies into a hum, squeezing Lucas’s waist as they make out in his backseat, the rave still pulsing rainbows on the other side of the field. Lucas wonders if he’s not just sweating all that water right back out as he grinds against Rav’s lap, sucks on his tongue as he grows desperate, back to feeling like his bones want to rattle out of his skin. He pokes his tongue against thick fangs out of curious fear; rubs his cheek against coarse fur to keep his skin deliciously tingling; dives into Rav’s hungry mouth over and over until his lungs and lips hurt.

“Easy,” Rav says, cupping Lucas’s face to halt him as a sly, sharp grin cuts through his fur. His nostrils flare, his exhale ragged as his eyelids nearly drop shut. “This all you wanna do?” he asks, not giving Lucas a chance to respond before he nudges him back. “Thought you wanted my cock, puppy.”

Lucas’s eyes widen, short-term memory firing in bursts as he nods, whining at the fact that Rav is putting space between them. But Rav just laughs, heaving his lower half up so he can shove his pants down in the tight space. Lucas shivers as Rav’s meaty cock slaps his thigh, knot already swollen at the base.

“Looks good, doesn’t it?” Rav asks, his pawed fingers now working the nape of Lucas’s neck. 

Lucas nods, forgetting about the fact that they’re no longer chest to chest, rocking on his knees to ease himself onto the empty section of the back seat. His head scrapes the car’s roof as he settles himself, half-laid across the seat with his legs folded, braced up on one arm as he steals another kiss.

“Bet you suck a good cock with that mouth,” Rav murmurs.

All Lucas can do is giggle, blood twisting in his veins from whatever the fuck they’d dropped on their tongues an hour ago.

“Then show me.”

Their bodies shift in the cramped backseat—Rav leans against the car door with one knee bent against the seat back, while Lucas settles between his open legs until his stomach presses against the leather upholstery. He wraps his fingers around Rav’s plump, girthy cock before he nuzzles the budding knot at the base.

Rav shifts, the leather of his jacket creaking as Lucas cups his balls. He kisses up the length of Rav’s cock, meeting a gold-speckled gaze as he mouths the stung-red tip.

Rav grinds his teeth, pupils engorged with lust. “That’s it, puppy. Take all the time you need.” 

Something else wriggles beneath the surface of Lucas’s skin, rippling up his body like a syrupy wave—but he can’t place it, can’t tell if it’s the drugs or something else until Rav’s fingers brush his ears—his pointed ears. 

His cock stirs as Rav rubs the silky edges of his newly-grown, wolfish ears with his thumb, a tingle crackling down his spine to wrap around his core. Lucas drags his tongue up the underside of Rav’s dick, letting it flutter beneath the crown before he sinks down. His lips stop short of the knot before he pulls back, testing how far he can go before he chokes.

“Don’t push yourself too hard,” Rav coos, rough like sandpaper.

Lucas smirks, having every intention of doing exactly that as he bears down again, Rav’s cock sinking into the wet flesh of his throat. His muscles constrict but he knows how to drop his jaw, how to bow out the space in his throat so he can breathe and take more.

“Goddamn,” Rav moans, chasing air with his parted, fanged mouth.

Lucas would grin triumphantly if he could, but he pushes further, lips cresting the knot’s curve without engulfing. He eases off, leaving saliva in his wake as he lets his jaw rest, pumping Rav with his spit-slick hand in the meantime. He curls the fingers of his other hand around Rav’s sac, thumbing the knot as a promise of his intention.

Once his mouth feels rested, Lucas makes another pass, Rav’s cock disappearing one centimeter at a time between his lips. Again, his lips brush the knot, cheeks and throat aching as moisture collects at the corners of his eyes.

Rav’s fingers twist in Lucas’s short hair, shedding tension from his shoulders. “Just a little more, puppy,” Rav urges. “I know you can take it.”

Lucas’s throat burns, his eyes gushing with tears as he pulls air through his nostrils and tries once more, finally easing his lips over the hump of the knot. Rav’s head bumps against the window with a muted thump. 

“Fuck, that’s it. Good boy.”

Lucas’s watery eyes crane up to make contact as Rav caresses his cheek, fingers trailing down his bulging throat in gentle inspection. “Fuck,” Rav whispers, almost reverent. “You really—fuck—”

He suddenly snatches Lucas by the front of his hair, lifting his mouth off his cock and replacing it with his own hand. Lucas shuts his eyes as Rav jerks himself, grunting and growling as he comes all over Lucas’s face in hot, sticky spurts.

Lucas parts his lips to ask for something to wipe his face, but Rav squeezes his chin, running a thumb through sticky cum, painting it over his lips. 

“Open up.”

Lucas does, just as Rav’s clawed thumb grazes his tongue. His lips shrink automatically, the salt and musk sieging his taste buds. He imagines what he looks like, sprawled across the backseat of someone he hardly knows, not quite tripping face but still going hard, cum drying on his cheeks. He must look obscene; debauched and used. And the thought that Rav might zip himself up and get out of the car without saying a word makes his cock throb in a way he doesn’t quite understand.

“Shit,” Rav mutters, dropping his hand from Lucas’s mouth as he gropes along the floorboard. “I promise this is clean,” he says, and Lucas feels something soft press against his cheek. “Sorry.”

“S’fine,” Lucas says as he holds his hand out. 

Rav passes Lucas what turns out to be a shirt, then says, “You sure?” 

“Yeah.” Lucas tugs the shirt out of Rav’s grip. He wipes his eyes first, unfolding the shirt to find a dry patch to get at the rest of his face, scrubbing his skin raw even though he feels like he can’t get it all.

Then Rav chuckles. “You should see yourself.”

The hint of pride in Rav’s voice makes Lucas freeze. “Is it bad?” he whispers, not quite sure what Rav is referring to.

“No, puppy,” Rav says, laughing softly as he flicks on the cabin light on the ceiling. “Look in the mirror.” 

Lucas crawls into the passenger’s seat and adjusts the rearview to face him, blinking furiously as he tries to understand the reflection he finds—the glisten of fur darkening the skin around his face, the point of his ears, the moonlight glow in his eyes.

Then he drops his mouth open, gasping as he lifts the pad of his thumb to newly sharpened canines. 

“Holy fuck,” he mumbles, eyes wide as he slowly closes his mouth. It all just feels—normal. Another part of him, like an arm or a toe.

“It’s a good start,” Rav says from the backseat. 

Lucas crawls through the gap in the front seats just as Rav cranks his window down, fishing a pack of cigarettes out of his coat pocket. His facial features appear mostly human again, and his nakedness below the waist doesn’t seem to be of immediate concern as he lights up and huffs smoke through the cracked window.

“Most people take months to get that far,” he says.

Lucas pulls his legs to his chest while Rav smokes. In the weak, orange light, he studies the thickened hair on his arms; raises a tentative hand to poke his long, furry ears; traces the thick hair strapped across his jaw. He swallows through a tightened throat, shakes his thoughts away, and flips the light off.

“You wanna head back?”

Lucas glances at Rav in the darkness, guided by the firefly glow of the end of his cigarette, then returns his eyes to his knees. “Now?” he mumbles.

Rav shifts, maybe shrugs. “We don’t have to.”

Lucas glances through the window on his left, the rave still going in the distance. He determines there’s more security in watching the pulse of lights from a distance; that he’d rather confuse the beat of the music as a distant rumble of thunder.

Rav finishes his cigarette, yanks his pants back up to his hips, then pops the door open. “Let’s sit outside, at least,” he says.

Lucas follows Rav to the front of his car, where he stretches out on the cool hood. He shoots Lucas a childish grin—almost comical with his face still crammed with thick fur—and pats the spot next to him, leaving his arm outstretched in invitation.

“Are we stargazing now?” Lucas asks, crawling carefully on the hood so he doesn’t dent it. 

“You got a problem with stargazing?” There’s no heat to his voice and it puts Lucas at ease. 

He shakes his head and settles against Rav’s side, their gazes pointed in different directions at the open sky. Lucas inhales sharply at the innumerable pores of light; probably for the best he hadn’t really looked at the sky since the drugs kicked in.

“Shit,” he says around a thick tongue.

Rav hums and tightens his arm around Lucas’s shoulder, as if he knows exactly what he’s talking about.