A Night In [Kinktober, Monster Edition – YETI]

The visitor had come in from the cold, initially terrified that it wasn’t a human who answered the groundskeeper’s cottage door, but a yeti, dressed in fleece-lined blue coveralls. The visitor pushed through his fear and begged to be let inside, because he’d lost his coat and his phone was dead.

Gerard would have let him in without the backstory, but he felt bad for the poor, furless human. He pulled throw blankets off couch backs and wrapped the man up, leading him close to the fire. Then he made tea and waited quietly in his favorite armchair until the color once again bloomed on the man’s cheeks.

Now, after hot tea turned into hotter whiskey and a little bit of weed, that same man—whose name Gerard had discovered was Alex—knelt between Gerard’s furry legs, trying to work his lips down Gerard’s pale, fat cock.

“There’s no one here to impress,” Gerard rumbled. He’d shed his coveralls somewhere between the kitchen and the couch, and was relaxed against the worn-in cushions. 

The comment buffed frustration from Alex’s features. Gerard thought of him as pretty, with his wavy brown hair pulled back into a ponytail that brushed his neck; his eyelashes were long, his lips full and swollen. Gerard couldn’t help but steal glances at Alex’s cock dangling between his legs, hard and currently dripping onto Gerard’s shag rug.

Maybe he liked pretty men because he was the opposite—bulky, too big to feel comfortable in most rooms; getting through doorways was a struggle only yoga might improve. He’d seen the looks people gave him all his life; he knew he was intimidating.

But Alex didn’t seem to care about what Gerard looked like, and as much as Alex was failing to fit Gerard’s cock comfortably into his mouth, Gerard had to give him an A for effort.

“We can try something else,” Gerard offered, trying not to sound too amused.

“Probably a good call,” Alex said, wiping spit from his lips. He smiled up at Gerard. “If you’ve got lube, I’m sure we can make something else work.”

Gerard shimmied down the couch and hurried to his kitchen. The lube that humans tended to use made his own junk sore, so he’d found some organic coconut oil online that he’d read could be used as lubricant.

Gerard lay one of his throw blankets on top of the forest green shag rug, then bent Alex over in front of the fire. He slicked his cock up with the oil, then spread it down Alex’s crack. When Gerard noticed Alex’s hole was clenched like a small fist, he chuckled. “You’re definitely going to need to relax more.”

“Is it flattery if I say I’m too excited?” Alex asked.

Gerard ginned before he bent down and ran his tongue over Alex’s hole. He felt the man shudder beneath him, then moan softly. He reached for Alex’s cock, meager in his large hands, and smeared it with leftover oil still clinging to his fingers.

He didn’t hide the sounds he made, lapping at Alex’s tight hole as his fingers squelched around his cock. The way Alex twitched, as if fighting the urge to jerk away, had Gerard rock hard.

Gerard sat back, circling Alex’s asshole with his thumb before he dipped it in. The man’s breath rattled in his throat as he inhaled, then exhaled.

“That’s it,” Gerard murmured approvingly. He exchanged his thumb for one finger, then two until Alex was groaning pathetically, face pressed against the plush rug as Gerard stretched him and worked his prostate. Gerard added more lube, enjoying how it caught firelight as it slowly dripped down the inside of Alex’s thigh.

He mounted up, gripping his dick as he spread one half of Alex’s ass open. He rubbed his cock along the trail of stretched skin, creating more delicious, wet noises that sang in his ears.

He paused when Alex mumbled something he didn’t catch. “You doing okay down there?”

“Please go slow,” Alex repeated, his eyes pleading when they darted in Gerard’s direction.

Gerard patted the small of Alex’s back reassuringly. “Don’t worry, I’m plenty patient,” he said. “I want you to enjoy it as much as I do.”

Alex nodded. “Okay.”

Gerard lined himself up against Alex’s hole and nudged his way through the resistance. “Deep breaths,” he reminded the human, whose breathing had kicked up out of anticipation. He eased in until his crown was engulfed, but he pulled out gently at the sound of Alex’s whimper.

“Talk to me,” Gerard said, cupping and rubbing Alex’s ass again.

“I’m fine,” Alex said quickly. “Just getting used to it.”

Gerard made another pass, and this time the head of his cock slipped in easier. He took it a millimeter at a time, pausing whenever Alex hissed or groaned to caress the globes of his ass. He added drops of lube as he went, enjoying the sight of the wet spot forming below them on the throw.

“Almost there,” Gerard said as he rubbed the back of Alex’s thigh. “You’re doing so good.”

Fuck,” Alex moaned. “It’s so big—shit.”

Gerard’s brows rose when his balls finally pressed against Alex’s taint. He glanced down, impressed at how much the human had taken. The poor thing would be wrecked for days, and for a few seconds Gerard fantasized about Alex spending that resting period in his cabin, but he nudged the thought aside as he attempted a shallow thrust.

“Ooh, fuck,” Alex groaned. “Oh god—oh god.”

“Talk to me,” Gerard soothed. “Good? Bad?”

“Good, so fucking good, just—fuck, it’s so much.”

“We’ve got all night,” Gerard said.

“I can’t do this all night,” Alex said with a sudden laugh; it died in a hiss when Gerard thrust into him again.

Gerard pushed little by little, walking himself back if Alex’s face crumpled. But before he knew it, he had a steady rhythm going. It was, to borrow Alex’s phrasing, fucking good, and Gerard felt like the entirety of Alex’s insides might squeeze his dick off and he would die happy.

Alex’s moans came to a crescendo, and Gerard grabbed his hips as he rocked into him. He wasn’t overly-sensitive by nature, but he could already feel his orgasm closing in. For Alex’s sake, he didn’t need to prolong it.

“Here,” Gerard said, sitting back on his heels as he eased Alex with him. Alex was left bent on his knees, his ass in Gerard’s lap. “Ride me.”

Alex nodded and braced his hands on his thighs. He bobbed his ass up and down, mouth drawn wide open as he fucked himself on Gerard’s cock.

Gerard reached around and found Alex’s weeping dick, rubbing it more than stroking it. He rolled Alex’s balls between two thick fingers, then swept them along the underside of his cock.

“Fuck—fuck—I’m gonna come,” Alex moaned.

“Make it loud for me,” Gerard murmured, so close himself that hearing Alex climax would surely drag him along. “Like you want all those fancy guests at the lodge to hear you.”

“Oh f—” Alex didn’t finish the word, suddenly bouncing on Gerard’s cock like it was hardly a problem, screaming in ecstasy as his cum painted Gerard’s fingers.

Gerard took over, hands nearly circling Alex’s waist as he moved him on his cock. His fingers tented together over Alex’s stomach and when he felt the bulge of himself pressing against Alex’s stomach, his head fell back in a near roar, balls iron tight as he came.

Their labored breathing was the only sound against the crackling of the fire. Gerard released Alex, and the human caught himself on his hands, easing off Gerard’s cock with an extended whimper. His face hit the shag rug and he went still, chest expanding as he caught his breath.

If the throw blanket was ruined, Gerard wasn’t apt to care—he gathered a dry edge and gently blotted the slick mix of cum and lube from Alex’s body. The human made small sounds of gratitude, and eventually rolled onto his side.

“Borrow your couch?” Alex asked weakly, with a blissful, fucked out smile on his face.

Gerard laughed as he tugged the blanket out from under Alex and balled it up. “You’re welcome to my bed,” he said, turning to the fire to add another log.

“I’d imagine it’s like sleeping with a giant stuffed animal.”

“If giant stuffed animals had equally giant cocks, then yes.” Gerard winked. “It’s exactly like that.”

Even as he rolled onto his back and winced, Alex laughed; a sweet sound in Gerard’s ears, one that he knew he’d miss long after morning.