A Centaur’s Charge [Kinktober, Monster Edition – CENTAUR]

What appeared to be a barn was a cottage fit for a giant on the inside. Xen was not as large as some of his equine brethren, but his home was still spacious, especially compared to his human.

He entered with two logs of firewood under each arm, the last haul from a day spent felling a tree and chopping. He stacked them on top of a woodpile next to the hearth, where his human Lee was kneeling, nude and waiting for him.

Over a year ago, Xen had found Lee huddled around a small fire in the Faded Woods. The humans from the surrounding villages knew better than to venture so deep into the forest, so Xen considered the possibility that this human simply hadn’t known better. But rules were rules, and the agreement between centaur and human was clear: should any human cross into centaur territory, the centaurs would have a say in their death.

Xen hadn’t wished for the human to die, and since the centaur elders respected him, his plea for the human’s life was honored, under the condition that the human became his responsibility.

Xen ran his fingers through Lee’s hair. “Were you good today?”

Lee tilted his head into Xen’s touch. “Mostly.”

“Finish all your chores?” Xen said, pulling away so he could add a log to the fire.

“Everything but the kitchen,” Lee said, dropping his gaze.

“Hmm.” Xen bent over to nudge the fire with a metal poker. “I suppose I can let that slide.”

He grinned into the flames when he heard Lee’s soft whimper.

“What’s the matter?” Xen said, replacing the poker against the brick. “Did you want me to punish you?”

Lee nodded, bottom lip curled into his teeth.

Xen straightened his back and crossed his arms. “Hands against the wall, human.”

Lee looked surprised that his request had been fulfilled as he scurried to his feet. “Yes, sir,” he said, turning to a stretch of empty wall next to the fireplace. He placed his palms flat against the scruffy wood, back taut as he took a wide-legged stance.

Xen took his time, clopping slowly toward the human. He curved his equine body around Lee’s stance, leaning against the wall next to him. “Count for me,” he said.

“Yes, sir,” Lee said.

Xen’s tail twitched before it whipped the backs of Lee’s thighs.


Xen repeated the action, aiming his tail higher for Lee’s rump. The skin flushed pink from the impact.

“Two,” Lee whispered.

“Louder, please,” Xen said.


“Good human,” Xen said. His tail whispered through the air again, alternating between buttocks and thighs, until Lee had reached fifteen, his voice gradually deteriorating in volume.

Xen reached out, stroking Lee’s arm. “Are you sorry?”

“Yes, sir,” Lee said.

Xen pushed off the wall, positioning himself behind Lee as he dropped slowly to his stomach. He ran his fingers across the blushed skin of Lee’s ass. “You did so well for me,” he said.

Lee squirmed, but managed to say, “Thank you, sir.”

Xen smiled and pulled Lee’s cheeks apart. Lee’s body tensed, and Xen heard a soft, “Oh, no—” before he dragged his tongue across Lee’s hole.

“S-sir, please—” Lee moaned. “I’d rather have your tail again.”

Xen chuckled. “You want me to stop?”

Lee’s shoulders sagged. “I…”

“You like it, don’t you?” Xen asked. “My little human whore.”

Yes,” Lee whispered. “Yes, I like it.”

Xen dug his fingers into Lee’s cheeks as he tongued him again. Lee whined and jerked, but kept his hands flush against the wall.

Xen wrapped his fingers around Lee’s cock, dangling between his legs, pre-cum already beaded at the tip. “What number did you count to?” Xen asked.

“Fifteen, sir.”

“Perhaps I’ll make you come that many times as well.”

Lee’s face turned, and Xen caught the flash of horror. “Sir—I don’t—”

“Let’s see how many we can get out of you.” Xen squeezed Lee’s cock, then jerked him slowly. He worked a finger inside his hole, wriggling and seeking the spot he’d found that made the human’s cock weep.

Oh!” Lee was rocking on his heels, cheek pressed against the wall. “Sir, ah—”

“That’s it,” Xen murmured. “You’re a good whore, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Say it for me.” Xen jerked faster, slid a second finger alongside the first.

“I’m—I’m a good whore,” Lee moaned.

“And whose whore are you?”

“I’m your whore, sir—” Lee interrupted himself with his own climax, his spend shooting to the floor as he shook.

Xen didn’t stop, keeping his hand tight around the tip of Lee’s cock. “Again.”

“Sir, please, I can’t—”

“You will.”

Lee whimpered beautifully, jerking from the overstimulation with tears welling in his eyes. Xen managed another orgasm out of him, but he could hear the sob rising in Lee’s throat.

“Good boy,” Xen said, releasing Lee’s cock.

Lee dropped his arms from the wall and turned, falling to his knees. He reached for Xen’s hand, sucking each of his fingers clean.

“You don’t have to do that,” Xen muttered.

Lee smiled. “I want to.”

Xen inhaled sharply. “Come here.”

Lee walked closer on his knees and buried himself in Xen’s arms. Xen kept one bicep against Lee’s back and dropped the other hand to his ass, lightly grazing the still-heated skin.

“Feel better now?” he murmured against Lee’s hair.


“Good,” Xen said, pressing a quick kiss to Lee’s head. “I’ll help you clean up the kitchen.”

“No!” Lee said, pulling away as he scrambled to his feet. “I’ll do it. You’ve been—you should rest.”

Xen laughed and lifted himself on his equine legs, walking across a rug that muffled his hoofbeats. “Get dressed,” he said over his shoulder. “I can handle a few dishes.”