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Anal Fingering Anal Sex Angels Centaurs Demons Double Penetration Dryad F/NB Fae Fingering Foreplay Frottage Gods and Deities Harpies Human/Monster Intercrural M/M M/NB Masturbation Merfolk Mersharks Minotaurs Monster/Monster Monsters Monstrous Anatomy Mothman Nipple Play Nonbinary Character No Sexual Content Oral Sex Paranormal Penetrative Sex Relationship Satyrs Sexual Content Tentacles Threesome Transactional Sex Trans Character(s) Transmasc Character Vaginal Sex Vampires Werewolves Yeti


**no major tropes** boss/employee coworkers cozy/domestic divine being/follower dreams grumpy/sunshine hatefucking HEA hookup messy love interests no hurt only comfort pining reincarnated lovers royalty/commoner sex work size difference


**none** age gap analingus belly bulge blindfold body double bondage boot kink cockwarming D/s D/s elements degradation degredation dirty talk exhibitionism fingers in mouth ghost sex guided masturbation humiliation intoxication knotting lingerie masks mouth knotting overstimulation pain play praise kink primal play public sex rope suspension rough sex scratching self-lubricating sex toys slapping strap-on supernatural possession tail whipping tongue fucking vampire feeding worship

Content Warnings

**no content warnings apply** animal death blood deadnaming depression drinking drowning drugs dubious consent (dream sequence) dubious consent (situational) dysphoria funeral gore inebriation involuntary hospitalization (referenced) mental health issues mentions of alcohol mild violence minor character death (parental) recreational drug use religion ritualistic sacrifice (no death) sexual content smoking transphobia (referenced) verbal abuse