Ethanomicon by Elle Porter

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About this Book: Twenty-something Ethan encounters a mysterious stranger in the arcade of the bowling alley where he works. Turns out the man is no human, but a demon named Pez, who enjoys vintage arcade games, breakfast food, and making Ethan’s head spin whenever he’s nearby. Even with Pez’s intricate tattoos and enchanting presence, demons are probably not great boyfriend material, right? So why can’t Ethan stay away, despite being warned that his involvement with Pez will bring destruction to the mortal plane?

Ethanomicon is an m+m paranormal romance with a HEA.

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Content/Trigger Warnings: homophobic slurs, flippant references & jokes about dark subject matter (suicide, murder, violence), religious imagery & references, drinking, smoking, & references to drug use, descriptions of vomiting (not sexual), demon genitalia