Monstrous May


image credit: tomert (depositphotos) A man bargains with two outcast fae kings for information. tags: mlm, dubcon, threesome (m/m/m), oral sex, anal sex, blood, scratching, slapping, pain It was in the throne room of two fae kings—outcasts from their realm, but no less dangerous—where Evor pleaded his case, explaining that he was in pursuit of… Continue reading MONSTROUS MAY—Day #15: Fae

Monstrous May

MONSTROUS MAY—Day #8: Monstrous Birds

image credit: kevin mueller (unsplash) A harpy relaxes with his human companion. tags: mlm, transmasc character x2, harpy + human, D/s elements, praise kink, fingering By the time Orien departs the council chambers he’s already thinking about supper, thoughts of grilled trout filling his head as he takes flight toward his home. He crosses the… Continue reading MONSTROUS MAY—Day #8: Monstrous Birds

Monstrous May

MONSTROUS MAY—Day #6: Monster in the Woods

image credit: welcomia (depositphotos) A strange tree appears on a woodsman’s homestead. tags: mlm, transmasc character, dryad + human, vaginal sex, vine bondage, not exactly a happy ending A month into spring, Falk wakes to a new tree standing in the center of his yard. It’s young, the gray-green wood barely speckled with bark, its… Continue reading MONSTROUS MAY—Day #6: Monster in the Woods

Monstrous May

MONSTROUS MAY—Day #5: Werewolves

image credit: martin adams (unsplash) Two werewolves spend a full moon together. tags: mlm, mild violence, partially shifted lycan hate fucking, slapping, mouth knotting Nathan slams him face-first into the wet ground, snarling and spitting in Arthur’s ear. They’re both half-shifted, panting hard, and dirty from tussling in the muddy cave. “Yield,” Nathan snarls. The… Continue reading MONSTROUS MAY—Day #5: Werewolves

Monstrous May

MONSTROUS MAY—Day #3: Monstrous Bugs

image credit: deerphoto (depositphotos) Two mothmen meet at an extravagant fundraising event. tags: mlm, transmasc character, mothmen? mothmen!, oleander hawk-moth + atlas moth, their names are not very creative but one of them is mean, D/s elements, small dom + big sub, frottage, humiliation/degradation Oleander eyed the buffet spread before him as he loosened his… Continue reading MONSTROUS MAY—Day #3: Monstrous Bugs

Monstrous May

MONSTROUS MAY—Day #2: Monster Under the Bed

image credit: zane lee (unsplash) / likozor (depositphotos) The thing that used to live under his bed comes back. tags: mlm, coworker hookup, blowjob, dubcon (in the way that someone gets possessed mid-bj) Nat had heard it since he was a child—squirming around under his bedframe among the lint and dust bunnies, like it was… Continue reading MONSTROUS MAY—Day #2: Monster Under the Bed

Elle Reads, Of Monsters & Men

OF MONSTERS & MEN // introduction

(You barge in the door and scream, “What the fuck, Elle? Another project? Don’t you have twelve WIPs to finish?” And yes. Yes I absolutely have a menagerie of WIPs ranging from horny vibes to [NEEDS WORLDBUILDING] to nearly publishable, please get out of my house—) So here at the end of 2021 I find… Continue reading OF MONSTERS & MEN // introduction